Wesco Accepts SNAP for Online Orders Via Vroom Delivery

The Michigan convenience retailer is the first in the state to offer online SNAP benefits.

March 22, 2022

WESCO Website

MUSKEGON, Mich.—Wesco Inc. is now accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments for on-demand home delivery and curbside pickup at its 55 locations across Western Michigan, according to a news release. Customers also can purchase SNAP ineligible items using traditional payment methods in the same order. In many communities, Wesco is the only retailer offering online ordering and home delivery to SNAP beneficiaries.

“We have received tremendous support from our customers on our implementation of online ordering. It has been a well-liked and very successful addition to increasing customer convenience. It is a move to the future of convenience retailing, and we want to lead the way,” said Nancy Westgate-Sytsema, Wesco co-president. “Wesco also prides itself on focusing on the customer and listening to their input. We have gathered responses from our survey and social media comments, and one common thread is offering EBT/SNAP as a payment option with our online ordering platform. We are very excited to work with the USDA and Vroom to make this a reality.”

Wesco is offering online SNAP payments and delivery via the Vroom Delivery platform. The service is available in four states, and Vroom says over a dozen additional retailers are expected offer online SNAP payments in the coming months.

“We are very excited to launch this program in partnership with Wesco,” said John Nelson, CEO of Vroom Delivery. “Wesco already provides such a unique and valuable delivery service to consumers in many underserved locations, and adding EBT to their offering will just make Wesco’s service that much more valuable to their customers.”

Vroom Delivery recently optimized its menu layout for retailers offering online EBT to make it easy for consumers to see at a glance which menu items are eligible.

“In many locations, these retailers are some of the first businesses in the entire state to offer online EBT payments,” wrote Vroom in the news release. “In Michigan, for example, Wesco will be only the seventh retailer to do so, with the rest being large national grocery brands such as Walmart and Aldi. When 7-Eleven Hawaii announced their program earlier this year, they were only the third to do so in the entire state of Hawaii.”

The online SNAP program is independent of in-store SNAP programs. Retailers must apply separately in partnership with an e-commerce platform that has been certified by FNS.

Walmart and Amazon have been piloting online orders with SNAP payments. For more information on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, see the NACS Advocacy Page for SNAP.