Texas Food Delivery App Pays ‘Chief Taco Officer’ $10,000 to Taste Tacos

Favor hires Chris Flores to traverse Texas and try tacos for its social media channels and website.

July 26, 2022


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Texas delivery app Favor has hired a chief taco officer, who will be responsible for traveling across Texas to feature tacos and their creators on Favor's social media channels and on its website, reports Business Insider. The delivery app, which was acquired by H-E-B in 2018, is paying Chris Flores a one-time salary of $10,000 for his quest. His food and transportation costs are also covered by Favor.

"Tacos tell the story of Texas in my opinion, and you can tell a lot about a region by their tacos," Flores told Insider.

Flores does not have to only feature tacos from establishments that are on the app. Favor, which claims to have delivered 11 million tacos to Texans over the years, says that he can visit any place he wants, as long as they serve tacos.

So far, Flores has visited Dallas-Fort Worth, where he went to 20 different taco places, and Corpus Christi, and he is now visiting Rio Grande Valley near the Texas-Mexico border, where he says there are “thousands of good taquerias." He plans to then visit El Paso, Houston, Lubbock, Waco, Austin and finally San Antonio.

The taco journey should take Flores two months, and he told Insider he is averaging about two taco spots a day.

"I would say the goal is to hit anywhere between six to 10 in every region, which I know is just like breezing over it because there are hundreds of good ones," Flores told Insider. "But what I'm hoping is I'll have the opportunity to go back and revisit these places."

When choosing a taco spot, Flores looks for pictures of the food, and then he narrows the list to places with a rich history and spirit.

"That's just as important as the taco because it talks about where they came from," he told Insider.

Favor said that it aims to expand on its future relationship with Flores, but for now, he must complete his taco quest.

"Texas was one of the states that's credited in history to bring tacos to America, and I think that that's amazing," Flores told Insider.