Wawa Launches NFT Sweepstakes

Customers can win digital, collectible artwork NFTs and real-world prizes.

July 11, 2022

Wawa Forecourt

WAWA, Pa.—Wawa is bringing Hoagiefest graphics and Wawa products into the virtual world for the first time with the launch of its new Hoagiefest sweepstakes, giving customers a chance to win one-of-kind digital collectible artwork NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Hoagiefest swag.

Wawa will release the NFTs through a customer sweepstakes featuring 12 unique animated NFTs and thousands of generative NFTs inspired by past and present Hoagiefest artwork.

NFTs are digital assets with unique identification codes and metadata that make each one unique and distinguishable from each other. These collectable assets are each one-of-a-kind and can represent real-world objects like art, music, videos and more.

The Wawa Hoagiefest NFT collection is based on the designs and visual elements of past and present Hoagiefest commercial illustrations. These illustrations were used to create a series of 5,000+ unique collectible Hoagiefest NFTs, including 12 rare animated NFTs and 5,000 generative NFTs that include a variety of characters, backgrounds, hoagies and accessories.

“Our Hoagiefest campaign has always been filled with fun visuals over the years—from our hoagie wrappers to our commercials to our associates’ t-shirts in store,” said Todd Miller, senior director of brand strategy and experience for Wawa. “Today, we are thrilled to bring a brand new way to Hoagiefest through NFTs. This entirely new digital dimension of Hoagiefest 2022 is inspired by some of our most iconic artwork over the years that customers have come to know and love. We hope these one-of-a-kind collectables give customers a chance to own their own part of Hoagiefest history!”

From July 8 through July 24, participants can enter the Wawa Hoagiefest NFT sweepstakes by visiting the landing page and submitting their contact information. In total, Wawa plans to create and giveaway more than 5,000 NFTs along with dozens of real-world prizes and surprises for a select group of winners.

Wawa Hoagiefest was introduced in the summer of 2008. It has since grown to become an annual multi-week celebration. This year, Hoagiefest runs from June 20 to July 31 and includes $5 Shortis and $6 Classic Hoagies.