Amazon Go to Open Second Seattle Location

The city will have two cashier-less convenience stores.

July 06, 2018

SEATTLE – Seattle soon will have a second Amazon Go store, as the online retailer announced its second location for the checkout-free convenience store, the Seattle Times reports. “We are excited to bring Amazon Go to 920 Fifth Avenue in Seattle. The store will open in fall 2018,” the company said in a statement.

The retailer this spring said that it would open stores in San Francisco and Chicago, although it hasn’t committed to a firm timeline. From the site selection of the second Amazon Go, it appears that the retailer is opting for urban areas with large office parks.

The company has yet to release details about the second location relating to its size and whether it would carry similar items as the first Amazon Go store, which is 1,800 square feet and stocked with the usual c-store products of snacks, beer, water and freshly prepared sandwiches and meals.

Amazon Go customers tend to come back frequently, according to data collected by the retailer. For more about Amazon Go, read Frank Beard’s NACS Daily article on “3 Takeaways from a Visit to Amazon Go.”