Amazon Go Garners Repeat Customers

Data shows that those who shop at the brick-and-mortar store keep coming back.
March 20, 2018

LAS VEGAS – Amazon has been gathering intel on shoppers at its Amazon Go convenience store, and has discovered many have quickly become repeat customers, Reuters reports. The brick-and-mortar store, located in Seattle, has been open to the public for two months.

“The ones who work very close, like in the building up above, will come down even just to grab a drink because it’s so fast and easy,” said Amazon Vice President Gianna Puerini. The online retailer will use the data as part of its decision-making process on whether to expand the concept.

Amazon Go has no cashiers, and customers use a smartphone app to enter and pay for their items, which are “checked out” via cameras and sensors. The convenience store has onsite personnel, who spend the majority of their work hours restocking.

What has surprised the company has been the frequency with which people would question the employees about how the technology worked. “What we didn’t necessarily expect is how many people would stop at the end, on their first trip or two, and ask, ‘Is it really OK if I just leave?’,” Puerini said.

While Puerini didn’t say whether Amazon had specific plans to expand Amazon Go, she did indicate that the company wasn’t planning to incorporate the technology into Whole Foods Market.