Nestlé Wants You to Know This

The food manufacturing giant is much more than a chocolate company.

August 06, 2018

ARLINGTON, Va. – The world’s largest food company is becoming more agile and competitive and cannot be defined by just chocolate products anymore, according to a report at Fooddive.

“We’re more than chocolate. We’re a $27 billion operation in the U.S.,” said Rui Barbas, chief strategy officer for Nestlé USA. 

In January, Nestlé sold its American candy business, which accounted for about 3% of U.S. sales, to Nutella owner Ferrero Group for $2.8 billion. Even before the sale, Nestlé had been repositioning its business, with a focus on high-growth food and beverage categories such as coffee, pet care, infant nutrition and bottled water.

The 152-year-old Swiss company has a broad portfolio ranging from Lean Cuisine and Toll House chocolate chips to Dreyer’s ice cream and S.Pellegrino sparkling water. And it constantly seeks resources that give it the best chance to win in the marketplace, Barbas said.

In the past year, Nestlé invested in programs to support emerging food and agriculture startups. Plus, it rolled out two new products—a frozen food line called Wildscape and Outsiders pizza, which pays tribute to under-respected regional styles.

“As long as the consumer continues to evolve, you’ll continue to see our portfolio adjusting to where the consumer is going,” Barbas said.