The Global Chocolate Market Is Growing

The chocolate confectionary market may reach $145.5 billion by 2025.

April 26, 2018

NEW YORK – According to Grand View Research, the chocolate market is set to increase 4.7% by 2025 due to government initiatives, approving regulations and the adoption of prophylaxis treatment.

The reports also correlates market growth to the decline in cocoa bean pricing—falling nearly 40% in 2017 to reach a four-year low. There’s also been a favorable impact of advertising such as marketing efforts, including packaging design, innovative branding and promotional events. Think holiday gift packages and “healthy snack-sized” products for parents or bright-colored visuals for kids.

As consumers demand healthier food and beverage products, the biggest chocolate companies like Mars, Inc., Nestle, Mondelez International, the Ferrero Group and The Hershey Company are ditching trans and saturated fats for organic wheat flour and cane sugar. It seems to be working, since the research shows that the biggest sales will come from organic and high-cocoa content products.

According to the press release, “dark chocolate is likely to witness the fastest growth over the forecast period as it is considered a healthier option with lower calories as compared to milk and white chocolates.” This is despite claims that companies like Mars are using nutritional science to cast its products in a good light.

The boost in chocolate sales comes alongside a global ice cream market increase of 4.1% by 2025. Researchers say this uptick to $78.8 billion is due to more lactose-free products and innovative flavors.