What’s New in the Confectionary World

Hershey, Mars and Bazooka release new products.

April 26, 2018

KANSAS CITY – Although consumers are becoming much more health-conscious, the confectionary industry is constantly forging ahead with new ideas.

The Hershey Co. made some big moves last year with the debut of a chocolate-less Hershey Gold bar and the acquisition of Amplify Snack Brands, the maker of SkinyPop, for $1.6 billion. This year, the candy king is feeding into the “unicorn” trend and introducing a new Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Glitter Gum Summer Snow Cone gum—featuring a cherry snow cone flavor and dusting of edible glitter. The gum will be available this summer in the U.S. with a suggested retail price of $3.69. 

Mars, Inc. is introducing a new Extra Chewy Mint featuring a crispy outer shell and a chewy core in Peppermint and Polar Ice flavors. “Mars Wrigley Confectionery has a successful history in mints, with beloved brands like Altoids and Life Savers already in our portfolio,” said Steve Johnson, vice-president of gum and mints for Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. “With new Extra Chewy Mints, we’ll be able to have a larger presence in the category and invite everyone to enjoy Extra in a gum or a mint form.”

Bazooka Candy Brands is launching 3-D designed fruit-flavored gummy that consumers can interlock and customize. There are eight flavors and the pieces can be paired to create up to 28 flavor combinations.

Big League Chew gum is about to experience something new for the first time in a long time. Ford Gum & Machine Co. is adding Big Rally Blue Raspberry to its lineup—a favorite for kids’ candy, according to Ford Gum execs.

In other news, Ferrero has acquired Nestle’s U.S. confectionery business, including more than 20 of its brands, for $2.8 billion. Ferrero is known for its Ferrero Rocher chocolates and owns Nutella and TicTac brands. There’s still no news on if any of Nestle’s iconic products will change, but the company is certainly looking to expand their share of the U.S. market.