Starbucks Debuts Cold Foam

The coffeehouse chain now has a solution that aerates skim milk for a frothy topping for cold or iced drinks.

April 23, 2018

SEATTLE – Now iced cappuccinos can come with foam too, as Starbucks launches Cold Foam made with aerated skim milk that has a similar frothiness as the foam on hot espresso beverages, CNBC reports. The coffeehouse chain says that half of its customers now order cold beverages, which has long meant no foam.

But with Cold Foam—which the company had been tinkering with for several years—customers can enjoy a cold beverage topped with froth. Currently, Cold Foam will come on Blonde Iced Cappuccino, Cascara Cold Brew and Cascara Nitro Cold Brew at no additional charge, but customers can add it to any drink for 50 cents.

Starbucks has had several weak quarters for U.S. sales, which included a downturn in its Frappucinos line. Cold Foam will become a permanent part of the menu. Beverages with Cold Foam will have the plastic lids used for Nitro Cold Brew that allow for sipping, rather than drinking through a straw.

The new foam has two flavors: regular (or nonfat milk only) and cascara (milk with naturally sweet coffee cherries). Cold Foam remains foamy and stiff in the cup because of its lower fat content. The company is hoping Cold Foam will reinvigorate drink sales at stores.