Fermented Foods Gaining in Popularity

Are pickled products the next big thing for spice-loving, health-conscious consumers?

September 04, 2014

ROCKVILLE, Md. – Growing consumer interest in bold flavors and international cuisine, along with the desire for artisanal and healthy eating, has brought new appeal to fermented foods, according to a new report from Packaged Facts, publisher of the Culinary Trend Tracking Series. 

According to their research, 53% of consumers seek out foods with bold flavors and 20% seek out foreign foods. Further, interest in savory fermented foods is growing alongside appreciation for naturally healthy functional foods and hand-crafted foods prepared with artisan technique and pride. As an important component of this trend, consumers are seeking out probiotic beneficial foods as health and wellness becomes a much bigger driver in American food consumption trends.

Fermented foods are rooted in hundreds of years of craft preparation and artisan pride. Consumers looking for artisan foods are embracing regional preparations of fermented foods like craft pickles and small-batch whiskey. Propelled by culinary interest in umami flavor, also known as the fifth taste, fish sauce and dried shrimp are seeing larger roles as ingredients in the kitchens of popular restaurants and foodservice operations as they carve their path toward consumer homes.

The report explores seven different food and beverages that encompass thematic avenues of opportunity for food businesses, including: Korean kimchi, craft pickles, Asian fermented fish sauce and dried shrimp or shrimp paste, small-batch whiskey, tempeh and miso.