NACS Certified Convenience ADVANCED Category Management Online Course (CCACM)

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The Advanced Category Management course is available to everyone and does not require completion of the Category Management Framework online course. Completion of that course, whether online or having attended a previous workshop, or another introductory category management course will certainly benefit the participant as an understanding of certain basic category management principles are assumed to be understood in the Advanced course.

This curriculum is offered to further/complement the original NACS CCCM framework offering. NACS, along with partners Impact 21 and Learning Evolution, present this continuing educational content tailored to the needs of convenience retailers and their supplier partners:
  • Assortment Analysis (Advanced)
  • Space Management
  • Understanding Category Shopper Behavior
In addition to the course work, participants will be able to earn the Advanced Convenience Category Manager designation by successfully completing the online certification exam.
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