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Sep 24, 2018

For Calif. Kids’ Meals, Straws Upon Request
State bans automatic distribution of single-use plastic straws in restaurants and limits kids’ meal companion drinks to water or milk.

Retailers Urged to Alert Customers About Ground Beef Recall
Cargill issued recall last week after E. coli O26 contamination in four states.

Shoppers Demand Increased Transparency
Consumers want to know everything about the foods they eat, and they’ll switch brands, if necessary, for additional product information.

Paduano Launches Family-operated C-store
Former Nice N Easy executive opens his own c-store on lake in upstate New York.

24-Hour Pizza Vending Machine Replaces ATM
At Australian shopping center, customers can withdraw a “wood-fired”-style pizza from this vending machine in only three minutes.

Green Beer Emphasizes Water Issues
Michigan brewer bottles beer made from polluted waters to underscore the need to preserve water-quality regulations and protect the craft beer industry.