Supporting an End to Global Poverty

The Atlanta Retailers Association and Circle K Atlanta participated in the city’s Partnership Walk, which raised more than $320,000 for the Aga Khan Foundation.

October 13, 2017

ATLANTA – On September 17, Atlanta residents joined the Atlanta Retailers Association (ARA) and Circle K Atlanta to help end global poverty as part of The Partnership Walk Atlanta, which supports the work of the Aga Khan Foundation. The walk raised more than $320,000 for the foundation’s goal of improving education, business opportunities and health care for people living in poverty in Africa and Asia.

“It’s the charity of choice for the ARA and the National Alliance of Trade Associations, as well as for many individuals and corporations because the Aga Khan Foundation is a non-denominational, non-political organization working to alleviate global poverty, which is the root cause of all the evils in civil society,” Afroz “Allen” Painter, president/CEO of Rocket Fuels LLC and a member of the NACS government relations committee, told NACS Daily. Painter has been an ardent supporter of Aga Khan’s work for years. “This is something very dear to our hearts because the foundation goes where help is needed most, regardless of race, religion or creed.”

For Circle K Atlanta, the foundation’s work in education and literacy touched their hearts and spurred them to create a team to walk this year in addition to raising funds. Amin Chitalwala, CEO of Circle K Atlanta, said that his connection to Aga Khan goes back to his birth—he was born in a foundation maternity home in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Over the years, he has seen many positive developments through the foundation’s work.

This year, the efforts of the Circle K team surpassed its goal of $250,000 to reach $320,527. As the company’s website promoting the event put it: “Circle K is dedicated to social justice, and so is our community, our friends, our allies that make such a commitment manifest into hope for others.”