Increase Fresh Food Margins

On-demand webinar helps retailers reap benefits of selling fresh items by weight.
June 12, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - According to market research firm Mintel, 60% of consumers wish there were more healthy food options available in c-stores. In addition to meeting customer demand, fresh items can provide larger profit margins—up to 43%—as compared to fuel margins of 5.4%. Retailers that are considering a new fresh food program, or want to improve their existing program, may benefit from a new on-demand webinar courtesy of METTLER TOLEDO.

Retailers can use precision scale and labeling systems to weigh fresh food items prior to customer purchase. Salad bar, bulk snacks and prepared items can be weighed by customers or by the cashier in the checkout lane. METTLER TOLEDO, a supplier member of NACS, has worked with both large and small retailers around the world to use these systems to effectively manage inventory, significantly reduce shrink and boost branding.

The webinar covers four common methods of weighing fresh food, details the benefits of each, and describes the programs that have worked for retailers. You can view the webinar here, and METTLER TOLEDO will respond via email to any questions you have.

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