McLane Introduces Online Marketplace for Retailers

The Emerging Brands program allows c-stores to widen offerings from up-and-coming brands.

March 04, 2024

McLane Company Inc. announced the launch of Emerging Brands, the latest in McLane’s expanded offerings for convenience stores. The program allows retailers to “quickly diversify their product selection with new, innovative and trending brands,” the company said.

“Consumers today are more conscious than ever about their choices and have come to expect a personalized shopping experience,” said Vito Maurici, McLane’s customer experience officer. “With its flexible model, Emerging Brands provides retailers of any size a best in class, innovative platform to capitalize on the increasing demand for unique products and to tailor their offerings to what their consumers are looking for.”

Emerging Brands brings differentiation and variety to retailers by expanding access to local, new-to-market, small-batch and values-driven products, including those not in distribution, McLane said. According to the company, retailers can quickly diversify their product offerings with trending products in popular categories like alternative snacks, salty and sweet snacks and packaged sweets and candy.

In addition to expanding access to a greater variety of products, the company explained that Emerging Brands allows retailers to test out new products quickly with low order minimums, rapid processing and warehouse-less dropshipping, using the same order and payment methods they use to buy products from McLane’s warehouses.

The digital marketplace will allow retailers to browse by searching, filtering and sorting products by location, dietary preference, brand values, category and more. Customers can also add products to their favorites and receive personalized order recommendations based on the collection.

The digital marketplace is made possible by technology partner Mable. “Mable’s partnership with McLane provides a frictionless eCommerce platform that seamlessly connects emerging brands with retailers” said Arik Keller, founder and CEO of Mable. “Our dropship model and integration with McLane’s product systems allows customers to procure emerging brands the same way they do McLane’s warehouse brands. We’re excited to bring this program to market together.”

Last year McLane announced McLane Fresh, an expended foodservice program for c-stores.