Consumers are Increasingly Eating at C-Stores, Study Finds

C-stores' visit share of dining categories has increased 3% over the past five years.

March 29, 2024

Consumers are continuing to choose c-stores over other dining options, according to a white paper from about consumer behavior.

Between 2019 and 2023, c-stores' visit share relative to the other discretionary dining categories—which includes breakfast, coffee, bakeries and dessert shops; restaurants; and fast food and QSRs—jumped from 24.2% to 27.1%. The visit share of breakfast, coffee, bakeries and dessert shops also grew slightly during the period.

Meanwhile, restaurants’ relative visit share dropped from 13.8% to 11.7% and Fast Food & QSR’s dipped from 51.8% to 50.6%.

“The continued growth of c-stores between 2021 and 2022, and again between 2022 and 2023, indicates that many diners are now embracing c-store food out of choice and just due to necessity. The rise of the breakfast, coffee, bakeries and dessert shops category alongside c-stores in the past five years may also highlight the current appetite for affordable grab-and-go food options,” wrote the study. “And with c-store operators embracing the shifts brought on by the pandemic and actively expanding their food options, diners are increasingly likely to consider c-stores for their portable meals and packaged snacks.”

Restaurants closing during the pandemic while c-stores remained open also may have contributed to the industry’s rise in visits, as consumers “took the opportunity to get acquainted with c-stores’ food-away-from-home options.”

The study also analyzed the food preferences of demographic customer bases in the trade areas of seven major retailers. For example, Plaid Pantry visitors were 55% more likely than the nationwide average to fall into the “Asian Food Enthusiasts” segment in 2023, while residents of the trade areas of QuikTrip and Buc-ee’s rank highest for "Fried Chicken Lovers."

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