Get Snack Rich

Rich Products offers retailers high-quality food with minimal labor.

March 11, 2024

This Q&A is brought to you by Rich Products, a NACS Hunter Club Member.

NACS Magazine talked with Alyssa Barrett, customer marketing manager, Rich Products.

Q: From your vantage point, how would you describe the current state of convenience store foodservice?

A: We’re in an exciting spot when it comes to convenience store foodservice. The gap between restaurant offerings and c-store offerings is really narrowing. C-stores have really stepped up their foodservice programs and have a huge opportunity to take share of stomach from restaurants.

What sets c-stores apart is the added convenience. C-stores were built on convenience. They were built on the ability for a consumer to come in and get multiple things in one trip. Different bundling opportunities within foodservice, or bundles that connect foodservice and other in-store items, offer a way to bring that traffic into the store.

Q: How does a c-store manage to create QSR-quality products without having nearly as many people on staff?

A: Labor is absolutely the prime challenge that operators are facing today. Operators need to provide the high-quality foodservice offerings that consumers desire but face the challenge of how to do that.

Some operators can execute made from scratch, of course, but we’re focusing on where we can help as a supplier. Rich’s solutions eliminate some of those labor steps. For example, we have a wide range of pizza options within our portfolio, but we are really investing our time and energy within that further finished or fully finished area. That might mean freezer-to-oven pizza doughs or fully topped, ready-to-bake pizza, but with quality still the No. 1 consideration.

Q: What foodservice daypart is most interesting to you right now?

A: Looking at different traffic analysis within c-stores from the last 12 months, afternoon snacking is the No. 1 c-store occasion, with a little bit more than a third of trips coming that time of day. Consumer habits have shifted. Seeing that afternoon snacking occasion really pop is interesting.

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