Numerator Releases Brands to Watch

The lists include popular QSR offers and trending CPG brands.

January 18, 2024

Numerator has released its brands to watch in 2024. According to Numerator, the list “analyzes 2023 performance metrics to identify brands poised for considerable growth in 2024.”

The fastest growing CPG brands of 2023 were:

  • Feastables: A brand of health bar from social media personality MrBeast.
  • Prime: An energy drink from social media personalities Logan Paul and KSI.
  • Poppi: A better-for-you soda.
  • Olipop: Also a better-for-you soda.
  • Simply Spiked: A ready-to-drink cocktail collaboration between Coca-Cola and Molson Coors Beverage.

Olipop (No. 1) and Poppi (No. 2) also held the top two spots on the list of top Gen Z brands.

Numerator highlighted these restaurant offerings as the most popular of 2023.

  • Burger King Wraps.
  • Grimace Birthday (McDonald’s).
  • Chick-fil-A Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich.
  • Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings.
  • Chipotle Carne Asada Bowl.

Numerator also covered the brands that are most popular with GLP-1 users. This class of medications includes Ozempic. J. Farms, AquaStar and Dulcolax led the way for these consumers.

In December, Numerator dove into the impact of these drugs, finding that for those who have lost more than 15 pounds, all grocery purchases are down 7.7%. Snacks are down 7%, and ice cream 3%. For those who have not lost 15 pounds, all grocery purchases are down 11%.