Grubhub's Latest Offerings Come From CVS

Customers who order 'daylight saving essentials' can get a free item.

February 26, 2024

Grubhub is now offering wellness, beauty, household, and other convenience items from CVS Pharmacy on the Grubhub Marketplace. More than 6,000 CVS locations are available on Grubhub across 48 states, Grubhub announced.

“We’re proud to further establish our convenience offering with CVS Pharmacy—a beloved household name—and give customers more access to thousands of items from a store near them,” Ariella Kurshan, senior vice president of growth and marketing at Grubhub, said in the release.

Grubhub is starting a new promotion tied CVS and daylight savings, which occurs March 10. From March 9 to March 13, customers who order from CVS Pharmacy on Grubhub can get a free item from an assortment of what the company calls “daylight saving essentials” with delivery orders of $20 or more. The items “help [people] bounce back from that hour less of sleep.”

Daylight saving essentials items include coffee, protein bars, tea, supplements, and more. Customers who are members of Grubhub+ will get access to $0 delivery fees on eligible orders from CVS Pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy is the latest convenience offering on Grubhub’s Marketplace, joining GoPuff, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven, the release said.

Last December, Grubhub and PDI Technologies partnered to offer Grubhub customers the ability to link accounts to the Shell Fuel Rewards program. Grubhub customers who link their account to their Shell Fuel Rewards account can save 5 cents per gallon on their next fill-up for every $50 spent on Grubhub.