H&S Online Ordering Shows Significant Growth

The company also announces plans to more than double its store count.

September 20, 2023

H&S Energy, which operates over 160 Extra Mile and Power Market convenience stores in California, originally launched its proprietary online ordering and delivery program with Vroom Delivery in 2021.  According to a company press release, the program has grown exponentially, surpassing $1 million in annualized sales earlier this year and is already approaching $2 million.

The company’s goal is to achieve $10 million in annualized online sales by 2025 through a combination of organic growth from marketing, new store launches and adoption of new Vroom Delivery digital commerce offerings.

"In the world of on-demand delivery, success is measured by speed, reliability and customer satisfaction,” said Sal Hassan, CEO and president, H&S Energy. “We've consistently excelled in all these areas, and that's why we consider ourselves a true success story.” 

The company uses Vroom Delivery’s Automated Menu Management (AMM) services, which allows stores to automatically list thousands of products online with no manual maintenance and lower out-of-stocks to under 1% of orders. H&S also offers a mobile app for its Power Market locations through app provider Rovertown.

In the release, H&S announced plans to more than double its store count to 400 stores and expand its digital offerings with Vroom Delivery. This includes not only populating proprietary ordering menus but expanding its third-party marketplace offerings by roughly 10 times. Other additions include using Vroom Delivery loyalty integrations, Power Market+ subscriptions and in-store ordering via kiosk.