Instacart Announces Omnichannel and AI Upgrades for Shoppers

New features include an intelligent shopping experience with AI.

September 11, 2023

Instacart is elevating the shopper experience with the addition of features like In-Store mode and AI-powered search functionality for retailers’ storefronts as well as upgrades to the AI-enabled Caper Carts in-store, according to a company press release.

Whether a customer is online or in-store, their patronage can be tracked and analyzed to further complement their visit in the future. In-Store mode allows in-store customers to see current stock updates while shopping and important information about products like nutrition or EBT SNAP eligibility. Additionally, other promotions and offers can be accessed through In-Store mode.

“We've long believed the future of grocery–and commerce in general–isn't online or in-store, it's both. And now, more than ever, it's being supercharged with AI,” said Asha Sharma, chief operating officer.

“We know that omnichannel customers in particular are more valuable to retailers, which is why Instacart is developing more solutions that help retailers serve their customers no matter how they shop. And, good data is the foundation for good AI solutions for retailers. Our operational advantage is built around our dynamic grocery catalog ... paired with more than a decade of knowledge about how people shop for groceries online.”

Instacart is also adding AI-powered conversational search to the platform to meet shoppers where they’re at and how they search. With open-ended questions like “What do I need to make fish tacos?” or “What's a nutritious lunch for my kids?” directly in the search bar, customers can easily find what they need through the retailers’ storefronts, according to the press release.

Caper Carts enable shoppers to efficiently shop in-store with AI-powered carts that scan and complete checkout all in one device. Instacart’s new features will now offer Caper Cart shoppers improved technology with updated cameras and sensors, the ability to order from foodservice in-store and access to rewards through the carts.

The technology platform launched Instacart Business earlier this year which enabled business owners to stock their inventory and invoice more efficiently. Read more about the new features in NACS Daily.