Spinx in Top 10 of Best Large Workplaces for Women

Fortune Magazine puts Spinx at No. 7 in its 2023 100 Best Large Workplaces for Women list.

October 27, 2023

Fortune Magazine has included The Spinx Company on its list of 100 Best Large Workplaces for Women, with the retailer coming in at No. 7.

To determine the rankings, Fortune research partner Great Place to Work analyzed feedback from more than 1.3 million employees, of whom more than 600,000 were women. To determine the Best Workplaces for Women, Great Place to Work measured self-identified women’s survey responses, compared them to those of their peers and analyzed the extent to which women’s demographic backgrounds or position within the organization changed that experience.

“We are honored to be certified as a place for women to have a fun and rewarding job or career. The accolade reinforces our dedication and fuels our determination to reach greater heights,” the company said in a LinkedIn post.

“We want to thank each of our teammates for being a part of the Spinx team, and we are proud of all they do to make life easier for the community and each other,” the company added.

With almost 1,500 employees nationwide, Spinx was certified by Great Place To Work this past summer through employee feedback on culture and satisfaction within the company. Compared to only 57% of workers at similar U.S.-based companies, 98% of Spinx employees agree that it is a great place to work.

“We are ecstatic to become Great Place to Work certified, as we consider employee satisfaction and company culture a top priority in all that we do,” President and CEO Steve Spinks said at the time. “We have a team of dedicated employees at Spinx, and we owe our continued success to the work they put into their jobs every day.”

The company culture at Spinx begins with founder and chairman Stewart Spinx. “One of my real blessings around what one calls work is making it not ‘work,’ having fun with what I do,” he says. “I’ve somehow found a way to have fun with every job I’ve ever had.”