What Do Job Applicants Expect?

Responding quickly to job applicants is vital.

October 19, 2023

This article is brought to you by Sprockets.


Job boards are abuzz with one-click apply applications, but where are the top candidates? Hiring managers feel like they aren’t getting to the best candidates in time, and applicants wonder why nobody is responding to the piles of applications they’re sending out.

A study conducted by Sprockets, an AI-powered hiring platform, found that applicants identified not getting an interview as their biggest challenge to finding a job (54%). Sprockets also found that 82% of applications are never even viewed. For those applications that do get to the hiring manager, it still takes an average of 8.8 days to respond to job applicants.

Half of the people in today’s workforce expect to hear from a potential employer within three days of applying, while 11% expect to be contacted within 24 hours. How is a hiring manager supposed to meet these demands in addition to performing their other tasks?

With an integrated system like Sprockets, hiring managers can be notified when there is a potential match for a role. Using a ranking system based on the responses to survey questions, an AI-powered screening tool instantly alerts the hiring manager to a top applicant so that the hiring manager can make the right move at the right time.

Today’s workforce values a simple and quick application process, a fast reply to their application and a prompt follow-up after an interview. Text messages are their preferred way to communicate. “Sprockets bridges the gap in expectations between employers and employees by helping operators understand the needs of the workforce and by using notification tools to reach them where they’re at,” said Zach Matook, VP of marketing at Sprockets. “Sprockets works alongside whichever hiring platform and application tracking system is already in place, including Indeed, LinkedIn and SimplyHired,” Matook added.

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