Trying Starbucks’ New Olive Oil Coffee

Oleato coffee reviews are hitting the Internet. Reactions are mixed.

March 27, 2023

CEO of Starbucks, is now available in some stores, and journalists are sharing their Oleato coffee reviews.

When it announced the new line in February, the company said that adding olive oil created “velvety smooth, delicately sweet and lush coffee … with an extraordinary new flavor and texture.”

Elite Daily’s Lara Walsh had an overall positive review, writing that the Oleato caffè latte “had a subtle nutty taste that added a slightly savory element to the oatmilk” and that it didn’t have an oily finish.

She was less positive about the Oleato iced latte: “While still smooth, the oil flavor was less mellow, and after a few big gulps, I felt like I could kind of feel the oiliness of it in the back of my throat.”

Writing for Insider, Phoebe Hunt tried the beverages in Florence, Italy. She found the caffè latte “cloying and heavy” after a few sips but praised the Oleato iced shaken espresso, calling it delicious.

Hunt added that for iced drinks in the Oleato line, the first sips were pleasant and complex, but that “in less than 10 minutes, the olive oil started to separate from the rest of the ingredients, causing an unappetizing oil barrier on top and around the edge of the cup.”

Restaurant Business editors also provided an Oleato coffee review and singled out the cortado, “an iced drink made with espresso, orange piloncillo syrup, oatmilk and a dash of orange bitters. At first, it seemed a little overpowering, as the peppery notes from the olive oil kind of masked the espresso. But after a few sips, it became more appealing.” The editors said they would recommend it for “frequent coffee drinkers who like the taste of espresso.”