Casey’s Launches Thin Crust Pizza

The c-store brand is the fifth-largest pizza chain in the country.

June 22, 2023

Casey’s customers can now order their pizza on a new signature thin crust. Baked to a crispy finish, Casey’s thin crust allows the toppings to shine. Like all Casey’s pizzas, the flavor of the new signature thin crust matches the original crust recipe that fans have come to expect from the fifth-largest pizza chain in the country.

“For years, Casey’s pizza has earned an incredibly passionate fan following and our guests know that they can always get a delicious, fast and easy meal at Casey’s,” said Tom Brennan, Casey’s chief merchandising officer. “Our guests have loved our signature pizzas for years, so we’re excited to give them a new thin crust twist on their favorite pizzas. Whether you [are] a thin-cruster or love our original Casey’s crust, we welcome all pizza fans to the table to enjoy a slice.”

The pizza is cut “party style” (small squares vs. big triangles), and it’s available as a crust option for single-topping, specialty and breakfast pizza.

Last week, Casey’s announced it purchased 26 Minit Mart locations in the Kansas City area, reported FOX4. A company spokesperson said Casey’s is still developing plans for all of the new locations. The acquisition is part of Casey’s goal to add 345 store locations over a three-year period.

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