How to Revolutionize Your Small Business(es)

Software solutions need to be able to keep up with ever-evolving businesses.

August 22, 2023

This article is brought to you by Modisoft.


Busy convenience store owners want their stores to run more smoothly while also maintaining or increasing profits. According to Sohail Modi, the founder of Modisoft, a software solutions company, the right operations management system is absolutely essential to a thriving business.

And Modi would know—he started Modisoft in the back office of his own convenience store out of a need for a better process to manage his own business.

“I taught myself how to code so that I could develop a back-office software to make my life easier, and it completely changed the way I operated my business, so I wanted to share it,” said Modi. “That’s why at Modisoft, our mission is to help small, independent businesses flourish by giving them the right tools to manage their business efficiently and allow them to grow.”

Modisoft began with simple but effective back-office management features, and as its client base grew, so did the demand for more features. Now Modisoft offers its customers nearly every solution a c-store needs—from POS, payments and scan data to online ordering, loyalty and self-checkout kiosks.

“I wanted to provide a software solution that equips convenience store owners with tools that allow them to grow and expand their businesses, and also a software that grows right along with them,” Modi said.

Modisoft is built to take on any upgrades that a c-store owner may have, whether that’s opening another c-store or two, or expanding outside convenience retail, such as opening a café or a liquor store. The software allows business owners to view all their businesses on one screen and monitor sales activity in real time. Owners can change item prices, run promotions and add inventory to all locations at once (or individually), all in one central online location.

Modi also wanted his software to address a common industry concern: loss of sales to e-commerce.

“This sales leakage to online was a concern that I had as a c-store owner, so I decided that we needed to add a solution for customer loyalty and rewards,” said Modi. “That way, we could give customers a reason to continue coming back to our clients’ locations instead of going to their competitors.”

That solution is Cartzie, which gives Modisoft customers the ability to offer a customer loyalty program, promotions and online ordering, including curbside, pickup, delivery and drive-thru. This is all done through an app that Modisoft can customize for a convenience store.

“C-store owners need to connect to their customers on a digital level, and Cartzie is our most powerful tool to do so,” said Modi.

Learn more about Cartzie and how it can extend a c-store’s customer reach in the Thursday, August 24, edition of NACS Daily.

This is the first installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on how the right operations management software allows c-store retailers to thrive. Learn more about Modisoft.