Amazon Fresh Is Coming to New York Metro Area

The retail giant plans to open multiple locations and is hiring for positions that pay up to $18.55 an hour.

May 20, 2022

Amazon Fresh Interior

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Amazon Fresh is opening locations in the New York City metro area on the heels of new stores in Virginia, reports Grocery Dive.

The online retail giant is opening a store in Paramus, New Jersey, one in Woodland Park, New Jersey, and two locations on the Jersey Shore, one in Holmdel and another in Eatontown. In New York, there will be an Amazon Fresh location in the Long Island town of Oceanside, as well as stores in the Long Island hamlets of East Setauket and Plainview.

Grocery Dive reports that there appears to be an Amazon Fresh store being built in Staten Island. The nearly 45,000-square-foot location has the telltale facade of an Amazon Fresh location, though Amazon did not confirm any connection to the site when reached by the publication.

“The flurry of locations indicates that Amazon Fresh sees the New Jersey and New York areas as lucrative new markets,” wrote Grocery Dive. “Moreover, the locations show how Amazon is capitalizing on real estate sell-offs by distressed chains like Fairway, Waldbaum’s and Toys-R-Us to fuel its expansion.”

There are 30 Amazon Fresh stores across California, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington state and Washington, D.C. The stores feature Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, where customers enter the store using their palm, a code on their phone or their credit card. Sensors and cameras note what customers take out of the store and charges their account when they exit. Its inaugural store in Woodland Hills, California, feature its smart cart checkout technology, the Dash Cart, which keeps track of items as they go into the cart. Customers can then skip the line and exit through the store’s Amazon Dash Cart lane, where sensors automatically identify the cart, and the payment is processed using the credit card on the customer’s Amazon account.

(Self-checkout technology has come a long way, but there is still room for improvements. Here’s how to successfully launch self-checkout in your business.)

Amazon Fresh is hosting a virtual hiring event for its Oceanside, New York, store later this month, and in early June, it will host a two-day job fair for its Paramus store. The starting wage for positions at both stores will range from $15 to $18.55 an hour. The company said employees will be cross-trained across multiple roles, allowing them to do everything from working a register to filling e-commerce orders.

“Since the first Amazon Fresh grocery store opened in 2020, hundreds of employees have been promoted to roles with increased pay and responsibility. In 2021, a majority of store management positions were filled by employees promoted from hourly roles,” said Amazon.

Meanwhile, Amazon opened its first Amazon Go suburban store earlier this month in Mill Creek, Washington. The portion of the store that serves customers is 3,250 square feet, which is bigger than most Amazon Go stores, which range in size from 450 to 2,700 square feet. The location features Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

The suburban location offers kombucha on tap, freshly brewed coffee (a first for an Amazon Go store), four flavors of ICEE slushies and a 30-item made-to-order menu curated from a team of in-house chefs. Above the made-to-order kitchen, there is a sign that reads “Let’s Eat.” The store also offers household items like pet food, motor oil, Ziploc bags and Clorox wipes.

“At Amazon Go, we are aiming to reinvent convenience,” said Ayesha Harper, a 14-year Amazon veteran who now runs Amazon Convenience.