PDI Acquires GreenPrint

GreenPrint will help PDI customers advance their sustainability objectives.

March 02, 2022

PDI and GreenPrint Partnership Logos

ATLANTA—Software company PDI has acquired GreenPrint, an environmental technology company, according to a news release. GreenPrint will become the foundation of the newly established PDI Sustainability Solutions practice.

“The acquisition of GreenPrint, with the proven, tangible impact its programs make, is a meaningful addition that will help our customers advance their sustainability objectives,” said Linnea Geiss, chief operating officer at PDI. “By investing in GreenPrint and other forward-looking innovations under the umbrella of PDI Sustainability Solutions, we can connect brands and retailers with consumers who share a vision for an environmentally responsible future.”

PDI Sustainability Solutions will include existing technologies built by PDI, such as electric vehicle charge price optimization algorithms, to support the evolution of the c-store and wholesale petroleum industries. PDI is also developing integration opportunities for GreenPrint across its Consumer Engagement solutions, including the Fuel Rewards program, GasBuddy app and the PDI portfolio of white label loyalty programs.

“When PDI looked at ways it could support consumers in sustainable actions at the pump and in the c-store, GreenPrint rose to the top,” revealed Mark Coffey, senior vice president and general manager of consumer programs at PDI. “GreenPrint is recognized for making sustainability actions simple and effective. This creates a strong sense of consumer goodwill and loyalty that aligns powerfully with the leading loyalty programs PDI currently provides.”

Together with PDI, GreenPrint will continue as the sustainability partner behind reduced emissions programs for brands that include Marathon, Stop & Shop, Twice Daily, Maxol, The GIANT Company and many others.

“GreenPrint is a pioneer in purpose-driven loyalty and invented the concept of offering carbon offset gasoline at the pump as a bridge to the future and a way to build consumer loyalty,” said Pete Davis, co-founder and CEO at GreenPrint. “Today, we are thrilled to join PDI to expand and extend our efforts.”

Participating consumers will see their sustainable contribution and impact grow over time, as the loyalty-based program makes an ongoing investment in verified carbon offset efforts such as reforestation, landfill gas capture, renewable energy and other green initiatives. GreenPrint carbon offset programs follow industry-leading certifications and standards. To add further credibility and effectiveness, all calculations and offsetting claims are certified by a top-five global accounting firm.

Before co-founding GreenPrint, Davis founded and led numerous other loyalty and rewards programs across the retail, hospitality and payments sectors and is recognized as an innovator of retail and rewards technology. Davis, GreenPrint co-founder and President Trenton Spindler and the GreenPrint team will join PDI as part of the acquisition, where they will remain focused on sustainability and loyalty.