Burger King Expands Impossible Whopper Offerings

Royal Perks loyalty members can add avocado spread for $1.

June 24, 2022

Burger King

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Burger King is introducing new menu items made with Impossible burgers on June 27, including the Impossible King and the Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

The Impossible King is part of fast-food chain’s “2 for $6 Mix n’ Match” promotion available at participating Burger King, and the Quarter Pound King, Big King, Original Chicken Sandwich and Big Fish. The Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper includes avocado spread, seasoned tortilla strips, bacon and a spicy sauce. Burger King is allowing its Royal Perks members to add the avocado spread to any sandwich for $1.

“Royal Perks members will have exclusive access to add avocado spread to all flame-grilled burgers, Impossible patties and chicken sandwiches while the Southwest Bacon Whopper is available on the menu,” the company said.

In 2019, Burger King partnered with Impossible Meats to offer the Impossible Whopper nationwide after a successful test in St. Louis. The restaurants that participated in the pilot had an 18.5% uptick in traffic during the April pilot. Last year, Burger King tested a meatless chicken offering by using Impossible Food’s Chicken Nuggets in select markets.

Fast-casual restaurants are introducing more faux “meat” options, starting with a vegan “chorizo” at Chipotle Mexican Grill and plant-based fried “chicken” from Beyond Meat at Yum Brands Inc.’s KFC, both available as limited time offers.

At Chipotle, the plant-based chorizo was first tested in the Denver and Indianapolis markets in August 2021. The sausage is made with natural protein from freshly grown peas, Chipotle peppers, ripe tomato paste, crushed garlic, Spanish smoked paprika and extra virgin olive oil. Over at KFC, Beyond Meat’s plant-based fried chicken will hit menus for a limited time starting January 10, Reuters reports, following initial tests in the Atlanta market in August 2019. Customers can order the chicken, which isn’t vegetarian or vegan, as a combo or in 6-12-piece packs.

NACS Magazine explored how meatless options, including meat, dairy and snack products, are attracting health-focused customers to c-stores.