Amazon Will Deliver to Your Car Trunk

The world’s largest online retailer is partnering with GM and Volvo to offer in-car delivery services.

May 02, 2018

SEATTLE – With a driver’s consent, Amazon can now deliver packages right to the trunk of your car. Amazon Prime delivery drivers can unlock a vehicle via an app and leave packages inside rather than on the doorstop or in the lobby. As long as you have the right vehicle, a Prime membership and you’re in one of 37 metro areas, you can choose the “In-Car” delivery option when ordering a package.

It’s part of the new Amazon Key program: A connected door-lock and security-camera system that lets package carriers enter your home. Launched last year, the system costs $220 and is available to Amazon Prime members in 37 metro areas. Testimonials say it’s ideal for areas where packages are often stolen or if you’re away from home and are unable to receive a package, granted you are comfortable and trustworthy enough to let someone into your home.

To kick things off, Amazon has partnered with GM and Volo—giving them access to millions of drivers in 37 U.S. markets. The delivery program is available to 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicles with an active OnStar account or a 2015 or newer Volvo vehicle with active Volvo On Call. Customers are instructed to park in a “publicly accessible area,” such as a driveway, street or a surface-level lot within the delivery range and will receive notifications along the way, verifying the package is delivered and car is locked.

Not only does this service give Amazon customers yet another convenient delivery option, but it’s a great partnership for automakers who are striving to enhance and promote car connectivity features. “Partnering with Amazon to leverage our embedded in-vehicle connectivity gives Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac owners the option to conveniently receive deliveries inside their vehicle parked at home, work or near other locations in their Amazon address book,” said Alan Batey, GM’s president of North America, in a statement. “This is another example of how we provide customers with technologies that add value and enhance the ownership experience.”