Do You Value Food Safety?

This year’s National Food Safety Month focuses on creating a culture of food safety.

August 10, 2018

​ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Lately, prominent restaurant chains such as Chipotle have experienced highly publicized foodborne illness outbreaks that not only sicken customers but tarnish the retailer’s reputation. That’s why it’s so vital that any retailer with foodservice should pay close attention to food safety.

Twenty-three years ago, the National Food Safety Month (in September) was created to heighten the awareness of food safety education and help reinforce proper food safety practices and procedures. This year’s theme of “The Culture of Food Safety” should resonate with convenience retailers because of how foodservice plays such a critical revenue generator for their stores.

NACS offers retailers with many tools to assist in keeping foodborne outbreaks out of their operation, such as:

  • Ready Training Online (RTO) to offer e-learning modules specific to foodservice, such as food safety and sanitation. RTO also offers SURE™ Certified Food Safety Training for Managers. View more at
  • A 10-course, online training series that can earn a Certified Convenience Foodservice Management designation for the student. Topics range from foodservice system basics and human resources to equipment cleaning, merchandising and more. Details are at

At the upcoming NACS Show in Las Vegas, the “Avoiding a ‘Chipotle’ Headline” education session on Monday, October 8, from 8:00 to 9:00 am (register today will help attendees:

  • Apply best management practices in sourcing, preparation, and delivery
  • Train employees to deliver the highest quality and safest food to customers
  • Review regulatory requirements to keep food products safe

By creating a culture of food safety, retailers will be able to keep customers—and their store’s reputation—safe from foodborne illness.