Domino’s Debuts Outdoor Pizza Delivery Service

Get your pizza delivered to parks, beaches and landmarks.

April 27, 2018

NEW YORK – Domino’s customers can now get their pizza delivered to outdoor locations without traditional addresses like beaches, parks and landmarks. In total, these 150,000 outdoor locations—like the Las Vegas welcome sign or St. Louis arch—will be known as “Domino’s Hotspots” and are chosen by Domino’s franchisees.

Customers can already order through a Domino’s app, Amazon Alexa and text, but this delivery concept is new for the company. Domino’s Pizza Inc. tested the outdoor service in Miami last fall. But the meeting points must have street access, so drivers won’t be going into parks or meeting you at your beach towel. People who order using the app can share what they’re wearing, however, so they’re easier to spot in open spaces.

"We know that delivery is all about convenience, and Domino's Hotspots are ... all about flexible delivery options," said Russell Weiner, president of Domino's USA. Currently, Domino’s delivers around 65% of overall orders—60% of which are digital.

It’s an innovative solution to keep up with other fast food restaurants that are partnering with third party delivery companies. McDonald’s just teamed up with UberEats as KFC and Taco Bell are delivering with Grubhub.