What HR Challenges Is the Industry Facing?

The senior vice president of human resources for Casey’s General Stores provides her insights into this question in a Convenience Corner interview.

April 27, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Like many industries, the convenience store industry faces its own unique set of human resources challenges. Recently, Convenience Corner interviewed Cindi Summers, senior vice president of human resources for Casey’s General Stores Inc., about how to meet these challenges.

“The biggest HR challenge today is talent management. The methods used to attract employees have become much more competitive and complicated than ever before. With the U.S. unemployment at the lowest rate it has been in 17 years and the demographics of our country continuing to change, the means in which we communicate and appeal to applicants must adapt,” Summers said. “Moreover, the c-store space can be difficult—a heightened sense of security, fast paced environment, having to work evenings, weekends and holidays—often don’t sound attractive against other options. … People will go work at a neighboring retailer, grocery store or another office if the conditions are even slightly better.”

Summers recommended that convenience stores need to tell their story better to show that working in the industry can be a meaningful and enjoyable career. “Far too often an applicant may simply be looking at the short term and not see that they could experience much success in their future with a c-store organization,” she said.

Visiting Casey’s stores on a regular basis keeps Summers connected with its workforce. “It helps me stay grounded so I know what our employees are truly thinking and care about. The c-store industry has a lot of hard working and dedicated people, which is very impressive,” she said.

For more insights into meeting the challenges of hiring, retaining and encouraging workers in the c-store industry, you can read the entire interview here.