Dunkin’ Donuts to Sell Cold Brew Iced Coffee

The doughnut chain will start selling the drink at New York and Los Angeles locations on Monday.

June 23, 2016

CANTON, Mass. – The cold brew iced coffee war is heating up, as Dunkin’ Donuts announced its version of the summertime beverage will hit select stores in Los Angeles and New York on June 27, Boston.com reports. In late May, Starbucks publicized its new cold coffee bar with nitro cold brew as the foundation.

Dunkin’ tested its cold brew in a few New England markets this spring, with a national rollout scheduled for later this summer. The cold brew process includes soaking coffee grounds in water for a certain period of time to ultimately produce the drink, as opposed to using heat. The process is supposed to make the iced coffee less bitter.

The cold brew is “prepared by steeping a special blend of coffee in cold water over an extended period of time to extract a uniquely distinctive flavor from the beans,” said Chris Fuqua, senior vice president of brand marketing, global consumer insights and product innovation, at Dunkin’ Donuts. “Cold brew coffee’s ultra-smooth and naturally sweet flavor profile lends itself to being enjoyed black, but is customizable based on guest preference.”

This week, a Business Insider report found that cold brew U.S. sales skyrocketed 339% from 2010 to 2015. Also, overall iced coffee consumption jumped 75%. “We’re the leader of iced coffee around the world,” Fuqua said. “We sell more iced coffee than anybody, but we also realize that we need to keep up with trends. Cold brew is one of those trends that doesn’t appear to be going away.”