A Little Bit of South Africa in Dallas

Quick Shop offers an array of South African snacks, drinks, frozen foods and cured meats.
October 23, 2017

DALLAS – For African immigrants in Dallas, Quick Shop offers more than a place to pick up necessities and snacks—it brings a little bit of home to Texas, the Dallas Observer reports. The convenience store stocks desserts, frozen foods, cured meats and snacks from Kenya, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The store specializes in dried meats, such as biltong, chilisticks and droëwors. Biltong’s a type of jerky spiced with sea salt, coriander and pepper. Quick Shop has biltong cured specially for the shop, and sells it pre-sliced or in bulk. Tiny meat sticks, Chilisticks are chewier, drier and spicier than biltong.  but spicy and in the form of tiny sticks. Droëwors more closely resembles American beef jerky but with coriander seeds.

In the grocery section, dried pigeon peas, dried stinging nettle and crab spread via for position among Vegemite, Marmite or Beefy Bovrite, as well as gooseberry jam. Piri-piri sauce, a peppery hot sauce mostly used to flavor chicken, comes in many varieties, including lemon and herb, pure hot and tomato.

Sesame snaps are small crackers made with sugar and sesame seeds. South African chocolate bars like Chomp, Tex (like a large Kit Kat), Cadbury Top Deck and Nestle Milo share shelf space with McVites digestive biscuits (crackers with chocolate icing) rounding out the offerings.