Tennessee Police Crack National Skimmer Network

Criminals used a universal key to steal customer identities and $700,000.
July 19, 2017

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Tennessee law enforcement arrested more than a dozen people related to an alleged national skimmer network, News Channel 5 reports. The big bust included recovery of high-tech devices including a universal key. The suspects, many of which are Cuban nationals, allegedly stole American identities and around $700,000.

“They’re well-organized, well-trained and well-traveled,” Tyler Smith, a Murfreesboro fraud detective, said. He also pointed out that the gang was suspected of being part of a network that stretched across the country. “It's a large case and a significant arrest able to stop traffic all the way from Miami to Vegas to California and across the nation.”

Among the equipment confiscated during the arrests was a blue cable, which Smith said was capable of grabbing credit card numbers and PINs. The universal key allowed the thieves access to pumps at “90% of the gas stations across America,” he said.

Law enforcement believe the crime ring busted in Tennessee is part of a larger web taking this new technology across the United States. The case will go to federal court to seek indictments this week for those arrested.

Officials are also keeping a close eye on a Dark website that caters to skimmers by selling devices, as well as stolen Social Security and credit card numbers. NACS has many resources available online related to skimming and payments security.