GasBuddy Recognizes Top Restrooms

Weigel’s was voted cleanest c-store bathroom in Tennessee and fifth-cleanest in the United States.
June 19, 2018

BOSTON and Powell, Tenn. – Quality restrooms are a big concern for motorists. According to a 2018 summer travel survey by GasBuddy, a mobile app provider that helps motorists find local gas stations, 37% of respondents said one of their worst fears when road tripping is not being able to find a clean restroom.

Using reviews and ratings collected September 2016 – April 2018, GasBuddy recently named the cleanest restrooms in the United States. The restrooms at Weigel’s were recognized as the cleanest in Tennessee, the retailer announced in a press release. In addition, the Weigel’s restrooms were ranked fifth overall in the country for cleanliness.

“We are thrilled to have been rated with the highest recognition for the cleanest restrooms in Tennessee,” said John Kelly, vice president of operations for Weigel’s. “Providing our customers who travel to and through Tennessee with a WOW shopping experience is a mission we strive for each and every day. Having clean restrooms in our stores is a top priority for us, and our folks work hard to provide that for our customers.”

“We all understand the high level of stress when it comes to needing to use the restroom while on the road. According to our research, more than half of consumers said that a clean restroom is mandatory when considering where to stop,” said Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy.

Ensuring restrooms are clean also makes for better business. In a recent report, gas stations with above-average restroom ratings on GasBuddy saw a 33% increase in foot traffic compared to those with below-average ratings.

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