Consumers Will Go the Distance for Their Favorite C-Stores

Study shows that Americans are willing to spend more money if it means they only need to stop once.

July 03, 2024

With millions of Americans set to travel this Independence Day, new research from Vontier shows that many consumers seek out their favorite c-store while on the road. The research found that “sixty-one percent of respondents say they have a favorite convenience store and nearly 80% are willing to drive out of their way to visit their preferred store, even if it means passing other options.”

This means consumers are willing to wait until their favorite c-store is in sight before choosing an exit. Vontier found that most respondents in the survey seek out specific convenience stores in search of their favorite hot food while traveling.

AAA’s research suggests a record-setting 60.6 million Americans are expected to travel over the Fourth of July holiday week. This is an uptick of over two million travelers compared to last year, meaning even more consumers will be looking for their favorite c-store.

The report also found that consumers are willing to spend extra cash so they can get all their food, drink and other necessities in one stop to minimize their travel time: “60% of all respondents would be happy to pay a markup on convenience store products if it meant making only one stop.”

Research from Numerator shows that nearly 83% of consumers plan to make a food purchase for the Fourth of July, with food related to cookouts and picnics being the most sought after items. Other research shows that beer ordering has increased in preparation for the holiday.