Walmart Revises Education Program to Train for 100,000 Jobs

The company aims to upskill associates for new roles.

February 23, 2024

Walmart announced it is reimagining its Live Better U (LBU) education benefit to focus on skills that make associates more hirable for key roles within the company. The goal is to help fast-track Walmart and Sam’s Club associates into approximately 100,000 in-demand jobs that will need to be filled over the next three years.

The job number represents roles the company identified as critical to how customers are served, including salaried management and hourly supervisor roles in Walmart stores, clubs, and supply chain facilities. The company will also focus on helping associates develop the skills to move into roles in technology, health and wellness, Walmart’s private fleet of truck drivers, and other growing parts of the business, Walmart said.

The LBU program has given over 126,000 associates the opportunity to learn from academic institutions, like the University of Arkansas, Purdue Global, and Spelman College. The company is removing college degree requirements for many management roles, and says that its new LBU approach will help emphasize skill-based hiring.

Walmart will more than double the number of short-form certificates and courses offered to over 50 options. These short-form certificates typically take about four months to complete.

“Associates are telling us they want shorter options, and for good reason,” said Stomski. She added: “The quicker they learn new skills, the faster they can move up.”

Some of the certificates offered include frontline manager leadership, people and business leadership, data science, software development, and project management. Walmart is also producing its own certificates, including a supply chain operations course created in tandem with the University of Arkansas.

In January, Walmart announced increased pay and incentives for its store managers.