Dover Fueling Solutions Releases Future of Fueling Report

Report finds customer experience as the driving factor for fueling selection.

October 04, 2023

Dover Fueling Solutions, provider of customer-focused technologies in the fuel and convenience industry, released its second annual Future of Fueling Report, which explores how customers’ experience affect the fuel and convenience sector.

"In the ever-evolving landscape of fueling and convenience retail, competition continues to grow. Understanding consumer expectations and preferences has become critical to a retailer's success," said Kendra Keller, vice president and general manager, North America at Dover Fueling Solutions. "We developed the second annual Future of Fueling Report to uncover the experiences consumers desire, ensuring that we can best support DFS customers with innovative technology, products and solutions that will help them win over new customers and retain frequent fuelers."

The top findings as drivers for customer behavior were: the customer experience, forecourt advertisements, self-service options, payment security and intelligent fueling.

“With 50% of consumers likely to switch gas stations [,when a competitor offers enhanced customer experience], delivering exceptional customer experiences is key in retaining and growing your market share, and the Future of Fueling Report has unveiled promising insights into how this can be actioned,” said Scott Negley, senior director, product management at Dover Fueling Solutions. “By combining crucial services with emerging trends like self-service, advanced payments and tailored pump experiences, retailers can provide the reliable, quick and convenient experiences today's consumers desire.”

Other factors most important to consumers when choosing a fueling site is the price (83%), location (61%) and fuel quality (43%).