Sheeva.AI Announces New Platform for In-Vehicle Payments

The company partnered with Visa Acceptance Solutions to launch a tokenization platform.

November 21, 2023

Sheeva.AI, a provider of in-vehicle payments and services, and Visa Acceptance Solutions partnered to launch a tokenization platform for in-vehicle commerce.

Sheeva.AI will leverage Cybersource Token Management Service, a part of Visa Acceptance Solutions, to power the first multi-use tokenization platform for in-vehicle payments by using precise vehicle location to authorize payments at the point of service. Customers will be able to pay for fueling, EV charging, parking and retail transactions from inside the car.

The integration with Sheeva.AI will bring the digital and secure one-touch payment experience to the vehicle’s infotainment screen. This collaboration implements secure storage of card data and network token management with Visa Acceptance Solutions to make in-vehicle transactions seamless and secure without storing the card-on-file or transmitting raw data to payment processors.

“Our product suite empowers the driver to locate and activate the fuel dispenser, EV charging station, parking gate or toll from inside the car to enable the transaction to happen, and Visa Acceptance Solutions’ platform makes the payment simple and seamless,” said Evgeny Klochikhin, founder and CEO of Sheeva.AI.

“The payments landscape is complicated, especially when you cross as many geographies and retailer tech ecosystems as we do,” Klochikhin added. “We’ve been refining our products for months, improving our API-driven processes and mapping millions of service points in India, the United States, Japan and Europe. We knew the payments process would become a challenge. Visa Acceptance Solutions has the right solution for us to solve this challenge globally.”

“Tokenization is becoming the global standard for secure payments of all kinds,” said Jignesh Kacheria, vice president of product management for Visa. “We look forward to working with Sheeva.AI to power wider adoption of this new category of digital payments inside the vehicle.”

Sheeva.AI’s product suite is currently in trials with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers globally, with more than 1.5 million service points—including fuel pumps, parking spaces and EV chargers—mapped in the Sheeva.AI database.