Boba Is Popping at Sheetz

Customers can add mango-flavored boba balls to any Refresherz drink for $1.79.

May 03, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Sheetz announced that it will add boba to its foodservice menu, reports Penn Live. Starting today, boba mango popping bubbles can be added to any Sheetz Refresherz drink for an additional $1.79.

Rumors were circulating the internet after Sheetz posted to social media what appeared to be a hint that the bubbles were coming to its stores. “Our new drink will make your heart go Boba Boba,” wrote Sheetz on its Facebook page. On Twitter, the company posted: “We’ve got some TEA to spill ... but you’ll have to wait.”

Boba are typically flavored, edible tapioca balls that can be added to a cold beverage (typically tea-based) along with milk or fruit flavor. The term can also refer to similar-sized edible balls that are not made with tapioca. Boba tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s.

The foodservice category continues to flourish at c-stores. Overall, average foodservice sales represented 25.6% of average monthly in-store sales and 36.1% of in-store gross margin. Prepared food accounted for 67.3% of all foodservice sales in 2022, while commissary contributed 9.5%, followed by hot dispensed beverages at 9.2%, cold dispensed at 8.0% and frozen dispensed at 6.0%.