Consumers Are Retail App Happy

Even when they’re in a store, they’re simultaneously checking the retailer’s website.

March 30, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Retailers of all types have been urging consumers to sign up for their company’s app, which is probably a good plan since consumers are using apps more frequently, according to

Global research from Airship, a mobile app company, found that of the 11,000 shoppers surveyed in February, 33% are using apps more often and 45% report about the same usage as they did last year. Only 13% have decreased their use, and 10% have not utilized apps.

Most Millennials (81%) are using retail apps more or the same as last year, along with 79% of Gen Xers. But Gen Zers and boomers are below the average, both at 72% of respondents reporting using retail apps more or the same amount. High-income households experience heavy usage (82%), followed by medium-income households (79%) and low-income households (75%).    

The survey also asked respondents how they use their phone while shopping in a bricks-and-mortar store:

  • Visit the retailer’s website: 76% (68% in 2022)
  • Use the retailer’s app: 74% (65% in 2022)
  • Use loyalty cards or coupons stored on a smartphone: 81% (73% in 2022)
  • Scan QR codes/tap NFC tags for info or special incentives: 64% (57% in 2022)
  • Text/SMS to join a brand’s loyalty program: 62% (not surveyed last year)
  • Compare prices (Google, Amazon): 78% (71% in 2022)
  • Read user reviews: 73% (65% in 2022)
  • Click & collect or curbside pickup: 68% (63% in 2022)
  • Pay contactlessly (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.): 69% (63% in 2022)
  • Mobile self-checkout, scan-and-go: 67% (not surveyed last year)

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