Join NACS for a TruAge Retailer Webinar

The technology promises safer, smarter and faster age verification.

March 02, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The TruAge digital age-verification program, the most heavily researched and tested initiative in the history of NACS, will officially launch in mid-2023. Designed for all points of sale, TruAge makes ID checks fast, reliable and secure for businesses and customers alike. To provide retailers with the latest information about the program, NACS will host a webinar March 15 at 12 p.m. EDT.

Convenience stores process 54 million age-restricted transactions every day and are leaders in age verification, conducting 20 times more ID checks daily than the TSA. With an increasingly complex product landscape, ever-changing legal requirements and the introduction of volume limits, the current manual approach leaves too much room for error. And this leaves your business and employees at risk.

TruAge is the most secure way to verify age, not only ensuring that age-restricted products stay out of underage hands but also protecting your consumers’ privacy better than other solutions available. It combines the 50-year history of age-verification advances developed and supported by NACS with cutting-edge technology developed by Conexxus, its standards-setting partner. And TruAge is free to retailers, consumers and point-of-sale (POS) providers.

Join the TruAge webinar to learn more about the launch timeline and to discover:

  • How key product features protect you and your employees
  • What technical options are available for retailer customization
  • When TruAge will be available to POS providers
  • Which retailers and manufacturers sit on the TruAge Board of Directors
  • How new entrants in age verification could create an age “interchange” fee
  • How consumers reacted to TruAge during in-store pilot tests

Register for the webinar here.