Oregon Votes to Lift Ban on Self-Serve Gas

The requirement for attendant fueling has been in place since 1951.

June 30, 2023

Oregonians will soon be able to pump their own gas. Oregon lawmakers have voted to end the ban of self-service gas, which has been in place since 1951, reports the Oregon Live. New Jersey is now the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t allow gas customers to fuel up themselves.

House Bill 2426 would require attendants to assist at half of the pumps at gas stations, but it allows for the remaining pumps to be open for self-service. Gas stations cannot charge more for the gas pumping service or self-service—the prices at both types of pumps must be the same.

The bill now goes to Oregon Governor Tina Kotek to be signed into law, and, once signed, the law would take effect immediately.

In 2015, Oregon allowed for self-serve gas at night in some rural and coastal counties, and in 2017, the rule was expanded to all rural counties. Drivers can also pump their own gas during the summer when there are wildfires and heat waves.

Fuel companies have advocated to lift the self-serve ban as it’s tough to find staff to pump the fuel. The Northwest Grocery Association argued earlier this year that the bill wouldn’t eliminate jobs because half the pumps at most gas stations are already closed for lack of staffing.

Check out the NACS Fuels Resource Center to learn more about the history of self-serving at gas stations and more.