Wawa Expands Breakfast Offerings With Sizzli Bacon Burrito

The burrito joins Wawa’s 2 For $5 offerings.

February 27, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Wawa has added a new breakfast burrito. The Sizzli Bacon Burrito features scrambled egg, fire-roasted veggies, cheese and applewood-smoked bacon, all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

In October, market research firm The NPD Group reported that QSR breakfast visits had surpassed pre-pandemic levels. “Breakfast sandwiches appear to be a consumer favorite, representing 37% of all QSR breakfast orders in August. Breakfast sandwich sales also have increased well above pre-pandemic numbers, up 4% from August 2021 and up 14% from August 2019,” according to Food Business News.

In May, NBC News broke down the competition between QSRs for the breakfast daypart. While McDonald’s remains the morning heavyweight, Wendy’s appears to have finally figured out a winning breakfast menu. Taco Bell’s breakfast sales have recently spiked following a Super Bowl ad that featured Pete Davidson.

NACS Magazine covered how c-stores are keeping pace with QSRs in a May article. Adding drive-thrus, leaning into mobile ordering, creating a “foodcentric” atmosphere, using quality ingredients, having expansive offerings and embracing technology were among the suggestions.

Some convenience retailers are embracing in-store seating. The article reports that every Rutter’s store provides customers with a place to nosh, and some locations offer as many as 30 seats. “While the large majority of our customers are grab-and-go consumers, we believe that seating is important and allows us to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience at our stores,” said Chad White, manager of foodservice, Rutter’s.

At TXB Stores, based in Spicewood, Texas, existing seating varies by store, but as the chain expands, new locations will have inviting seating, according to Ben Hoffmeyer, vice president of marketing and merchandising, TXB. “Already, some stores have a seating capacity for up to 40 people,” he said.

Some hungry shoppers at Kum & Go “really appreciate the chance for a respite from the car,” said Tracy Ging, chief marketing officer, Kum & Go. “One insight we’ve uncovered is that no matter how portable or well-packaged the food, eating in the car is messy, and that’s part of what makes consumers feel bad about fast food. By design, we’re a fast option and by offering seating, we can be fast and a comfortable place to eat.”

According to a recent National Restaurant Association report, diners like outdoor seating. In a survey of consumers, nearly 40% said the option of outdoor dining would make them more likely to choose one eatery over another.

Discover more winning ideas in “Reawakening the Morning Daypart” from NACS Magazine.