Top 6 Convenience Matters Podcast Episodes of 2023

NACS Daily prepares for 2024 by looking back at the most memorable Convenience Matters episodes of this year.

December 19, 2023

Convenience Matters is a weekly conversation about what’s new and exciting in convenience stores and what the future holds for this forward-thinking and innovative industry. From global leaders to retail and fueling experts to celebrities and convenience store fanatics, our guests share ideas and unique perspectives on a range of issues and topics. This award-winning podcast has featured fresh insights every week since 2011.

As we approach 2024, NACS Daily is taking a look back at the most memorable episodes of the year.

1. The Value of Your Store Manager

Air date: 2/6/2023

Store managers have a significant impact on hiring and retaining great people. Hear how one retailer is coaching her team so they can be at their best.

Guest: Annie Gauthier, CFO/Co-CEO, St. Romain Oil Company

2. Connections That Change Your Business

Air date: 12/4/2023

Convenience stores are in the relationships business. Over the past two decades, Michael Davis has played a central role in connecting retailers. Listen as he shares ideas on how to connect with industry peers.

Guest: Michael Davis, NACS vice president, member services

3. Finding Fueling Solutions That Work for Everyone

Air date: 6/12/2023

The best solutions to solve transportation challenges are those that are customized for the customers being served. That’s what the Transportation Energy Institute (formerly known as the Fuels Institute) discussed at its recent conference and has been working for the last 10 years.

Guest: John Eichberger, executive director, Transportation Energy Institute

4. How To Grow Employee Engagement With Your Podcast

Air date: 6/19/2023

Cubby’s is a convenience store chain that has developed an innovative approach to connecting with employees: a company-wide podcast. The episodes allow leaders to talk about the “why” behind operations in a format that can be consumed on the go.

Guests: De Lone Wilson, president, Cubby’s Inc.; Mike Wilson, COO, Cubby’s Inc.

5. Inspiring Innovation

Air date: 11/27/2023

NACS Show panelists share ideas on how organizations can develop processes to come up with great ideas—and execute them—over and over.

Guests: Emily Sheetz, VP, innovation and IT, Sheetz Inc.; Vish Ganapathy, director, customer engineering retail, Google

6. The Momentum Behind the Swipe Fee Fight

Air date: 6/26/2023

Credit card swipe fees cost the average American family over $1,000 a year. Bipartisan legislation in both the Senate and House of Representatives addresses the problem. Here’s what business owners need to know—and what they can do—to fix the broken card system.

Guest: Doug Kantor, general counsel, NACS

Stay tuned this week for more of the best of 2023!