Albertsons Trials Store With All Self-Checkouts

The company is testing the concept in two stores, along with an AI-powered shopping cart.

August 16, 2022

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—An Albertsons grocery store in Boise, Idaho, is one of two pilot locations where the grocer is testing a store with only self-checkouts, reports Boise Dev.

There are more than two dozen self-checkouts in the store, and customers choose which kiosks to go to based on their basket size: 10 items or less, about 15 items and 20 items or more. In the self-checkouts for 20 items or more, there is a much larger area where customers can bag their groceries.

“The decision to transition this location was based on extensive research of the available technologies, the customer market area, and the store traffic and checkout patterns,” Kathy Holland, who handles public relations and communications for Albertsons, told Boise Dev.

There are still plenty of grocery store employees to guide customers through the self-checkout process, reports Boise Dev.

“With the assisted checkout lanes, each checkout station will be equipped with a ‘checker assist’ feature which will allow the assisted checkout attendant to assist the customer similarly to the way that a traditional checker would, providing extra support for our guests,” Holland told Boise Dev.

Also, employees who can help bag customers’ groceries and take them out to their cars are still available.

Another Boise Albertsons is testing an AI-powered shopping cart that allows customers to skip the checkout and pay for the groceries on the cart, much like Amazon’s Dash Cart. The cart, made by Veeve, has sensors and cameras that allows for the frictionless shopping experience. The carts also will reportedly be at the self-checkout-only Albertsons.

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