Gain a Competitive Edge at the NACS Financial Leadership Program

Held at The Wharton School, this intense program challenges attendees to expand their financial insights.

May 11, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The convenience store industry is all about numbers, from how to price a gallon of gas to how to entice customers inside the store for the best meal deal. For those who work with numbers—and want to grow their own careers to provide greater value to their organizations—NACS has developed an intensive, five-day program just for you.

The NACS Financial Leadership Program will be held at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia July 15 to 20. A small class size coupled with direct access to Wharton professors will give attendees new skills through exercises directly related and applicable to the convenience and fuel retailing industry. The program uses case studies from the NACS State of the Industry Report to provide attendees with real-world examples to drive home classroom learning.

The program is for finance executives looking to take their department to the next level of sophistication and strategy by building a skill set that will go beyond the classroom and positively affect an organization’s bottom line. Ideal attendees would be NACS members who are CEOs of small chains (25-50 stores), controllers in medium-sized chains (51-150 stores), and rising accounting and finance executives in larger chains (151+ stores).

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