Digital Coupons Influence QSR and Fast-Casual Diners

Study shows that customers will shift brands or try something new if offered digital coupons.

July 12, 2018

ATLANTA, Georgia -- Digital coupons are starting to influence the general shopping population, according to a report from

QSR and fast-casual restaurants customers are driven by digital coupons and rewards, according to a study conducted by Tillster, a provider of digital solutions for restaurants, in collaboration with research firm SSI, a digital research data organization.

The study found that customers are willing to shift brands or try a new brand when offered digital coupons.

“Digital savings are no longer just for the tech-savvy or for the price-conscious,” said Perse Faily, CEO of Tillster. “App-based rewards are, as our study shows, an important driver of brand loyalty and a growth opportunity in QSR and fast-casual dining.”

The study also discovered that loyalty and rewards programs increased restaurant visits from diners of all age groups and income brackets.